Session Ordering Instructions

Due to issues likely related to the Amazon Web Services outrages on Tuesday, 7 December, some chairs have been unable to log into the meeting site. Therefore the session ordering deadline to Friday, 10 December 2021, at midnight PST.

The program committee has met and scheduled the meeting while also moving abstracts from sessions that did not revive enough submissions to viable ones. The following are instructions for ordering your sessions, which may contain multiple oral and poster session blocks.

Things to Know

  1. Session formats. Please familiarize yourself with OSM 2022’s virtual session formats at:
  2. The deadline for sorting your session is Friday, 10 December 2021, at midnight PST. If you do not meet this deadline, the OSM 2022 staff will order your session for you.
  3. Important! Sort your oral session blocks first. Many of the submitters you will give an oral presentation will have selected “Either” as a presentation preference. By sorting your oral session blocks first, you will make sure that few if any submitters that wanted an oral presentation won’t receive one.

When Are My Sessions Blocks?

Please use the Session Block Schedule Page to see when your session blocks are scheduled.

Innovative Sessions

Innovative sessions can be organized in any number of ways. To customize the layout of your innovative session blocks, please contact [email protected].

Sorting Your Oral Presentation Blocks

  1. Login to
  2. Use the My Account Menu to open “My Sessions.”My Sessions Detail
  3. Depending on the number of abstracts your session received, you may have more than one session block. Each block must be ordered and finalized. To begin, select “Edit Details” for the session block you want to order.
  4. Select the Agenda tab.
  5. You will see all the presentations assigned to your session, both oral and poster, in the lower section of the agenda. You have three functions:
    • View: lets you see the full abstract and the submitters presentation preference.
    • Assign to Session: Moves a presentation from the lower part of the page into the session block you are working with.
    • Flag: Allows you to flag a presentation as inappropriate. Only use this function if a presentation has no relation to the session’s subject matter.
  6. Use the “Assign to Session” function to fill each of your session blocks.Initial Agenda View
    • The ideal number of presentations per session block is six. Make every effort to put six presentations into a session block. Session blocks of five or seven presentations are allowed in cases where one more or one less presentation is useful for filling out session blocks and maximizing the number of oral presentations.
    • You may drag presentations in the top portion of the page to order them.
    • If you want to remove a presentation from the session block you are working with, use the “Remove” function in the top portion of the agenda.

  7. Be careful not to assign a presentation with a preference for poster to an oral slot without the permission of the presenter involved.Abstract View
  8. When you have finished ordering a session block, select the “Finalize” button and return to My Account-> My Sessions if you have more blocks to order. You must "Finalize" each session block in order for it to appear on the schedule. Make sure to order all your oral session blocks before ordering your posters.

Sorting Your Poster Session Blocks

After your oral session blocks are ordered and finalized, only poster presentations will remain in the lower half of the agenda. The directions for adding and ordering presentations to your poster session blocks is the same except:

  1. Some poster sessions are a combination of two or more sessions. To keep the number of live poster sessions both reasonable and engaging, the program committee has grouped posters by topic for those sessions that did not have enough poster submissions to make its own session. The primary chair of each session is a chair of the combined poster session. You can find the email address of your poster session co-chairs here:
  2. Most poster sessions will be two hours long, but some with a limited number of posters will be one hour. Poster sessions are structured so that each presenter gives a two-minute overview of their poster, and the remaining time is open for discussion and Q&A.
  3. The ideal number of poster presentations is between 8 and 12. If you have multiple poster sessions to order, give each session as close to an equal number of presentations if possible.
    • One-hour poster sessions are designed for 8 or fewer presentations.
    • Two-hour poster session are design for 9-14 presentations.
  4. Because there can only be one primary chair of the combined poster sessions, you may not be able to see your poster abstracts initially.
    1. After "Edit Details" click "Click here to Make Edits" in the yellow bar. Go to the Agenda tab.
    2. Press the Add Session Item, button and then the Add Application to this Session.

If you have questions or issues, please contact [email protected].

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