Steeve Comeau Named Deputy Editor for Limnology & Oceanography

Steeve Comeau Named Deputy Editor for Limnology & Oceanography

The Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) is pleased to announce that Steeve Comeau will join the ASLO editorial team as Deputy Editor for Limnology and Oceanography (L&O) starting January 1, 2022. Steeve started with L&O in 2019 as an Associate Editor and has handled the review of over 80 submissions. Steeve’s appointment from the established, experienced ranks of L&O Associate Editors was approved by the ASLO Board following the recommendation of the Publications Committee and the Editor-in-Chief, Dave Hambright. “The ASLO Board is pleased to welcome Steeve to the expanded editorial leadership of our society’s original and largest journal. We look forward to his continued service and dedication to upholding the high standards of Limnology and Oceanography in this new role,” said Roxane Maranger, ASLO President.

Dr. Comeau is currently a Research Scientist at Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche sur Mer, in France. Steeve’s work focuses on benthic ecosystems in the Arctic and Mediterranean. He brings expertise in climate change and ocean acidification effects on coral reefs and other benthic marine communities to the editorial leadership of L&O. After obtaining his Ph.D. studying impacts of ocean acidification on pteropods, Steeve spent six years investigating the biogeochemical and biological effects of global change on coral reefs at both California State University and the University of Western Australia before returning to France in 2018.

“It is an honor to have been offered a Deputy Editor position” said Comeau. “I will do my best to work with the other Deputy Editor and the Editor-in-Chief to maintain the high standards of Limnology and Oceanography. I am looking forward to bringing new ideas for the development of the journal and to helping the authors to experience a smooth, fair, and efficient review process of their articles.“

Founded in 1956, L&O is continuously among the most cited journals in the aquatic sciences. With a unifying theme of understanding aquatic ecosystems, L&O currently receives over 500 submissions each year and publishes 12 regular issues and at least one special issue, with a total of approximately 2800 pages each year. Steeve joins an editorial leadership team that consists of the Editor-in-Chief Dave Hambright and Julia Mullarney, who began as Deputy Editor of L&O in 2020. Steeve and Julia will continue building on L&O’s successful special and virtual issue initiatives, work with Associate Editors in the manuscript review process, and assist the Editor-in-Chief with review, analysis, and synthesis of data on journal performance and publishing trends in the field.

“I am extremely happy that Steeve has accepted our offer to become Limnology and Oceanography’s second Deputy Editor, alongside current Deputy Editor Julia Mullarney,” said L&O Editor-in-Chief Dave Hambright. “Having joined the journal’s editorial board several years ago, Steeve has proven to be a fantastic editor with a keen sense of scientific excellence and a strong desire to support and promote L&O’s authors. Steeve’s expertise in marine biology, ocean acidification, and climate change positions L&O and its editorial leadership firmly in place to continue attracting and publishing the very best aquatic science research.”

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