Educational Activities

EA01, EA02, and EA03 ASLO Storytellers Series Tuesday

Time/Date: Tuesday, 06-Jun-23, 9:30 to13:00, Wednesday, 07-Jun-23, 9:30 to13:00, and Thursday, 08-Jun-23, 9:30 to13:00
Location: Off-site
Lead Organizer: Allison Fong ([email protected])

The ASLO Storytellers Series is a public engagement activity utilizing local library story hours to get aquatic scientists acquainted with the conference's local community. Every city has public libraries, and many have dedicated children's story times. While the children and parents seem to enjoy the readings, it’s the interactions and shared excitement around meeting a scientist and learning about the work we do that seems to be the most special aspect of the activity. In practice, the activity is a book reading-career day mash-up.   This year, we're partnering with a local school to bring Storytellers to a whole new level! We will have several Storyteller/Career-Day sessions from Tuesday to Friday, reaching children aged 6 -12. We'll be looking for volunteers to share some of their time with these curious students and speak about the joy of aquatic sciences. Everyone is welcome to volunteer - all events will be in English. Keep a lookout for the call for volunteers.

To sign up to volunteer for Storytellers, please fill out this form:

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