LOREX 1.0 – Getting Warmed Up

LOREX 1.0 – Getting Warmed Up

By Eilea Knotts

Test test test. Can everyone hear me? Can everyone see me? No? Good. This is a blog! I wanted to start blogging ASAP because I never blog. I always thought about it but never had the time. I mean really…who does…okay…lame excuse. I could make the time if I really wanted to but apparently I didn’t. Anyway, before I start rambling for pages. Let me just say that I am so excited to be part of the 1st cohort for the LOREX. We are at the early stages but I can already feel the excitement. The webinar was definitely helpful though I wish we could have it running all day all the time so that as questions came up they would be immediately answered…oh wait….Adrienne Sponberg and Adina Paytan already do this for  us by responding to emails ridiculously quickly. I LOVE IT! 

So far this program’s kick-off has been successful in my opinion. Can’t wait for the next steps.

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