Vote in the 2024 ASLO Elections!

Vote in the 2024 ASLO Elections!

The 2024 ASLO Elections are now open

Members vote here (log in first)

Over the next several weeks, ASLO members will be voting for two Members-at-Large, one Student Board Member, Secretary, and President-Elect to serve on the Board of Directors. The terms of the ASLO Board of Directors are staggered to ensure that experienced board members are always present. The candidates and position descriptions are listed below. Individual candidate statements can be accessed on the ballot and by clicking the candidate names below.

To vote, log in using the button on the top right corner of this page and then go to: You will rank your preferences for each position.

President-Elect (1)

The President-Elect serves for two years, then becomes President for the following two years. The President-Elect is a member of the Executive Committee (along with the President, Past-President, Treasurer, and Secretary), and performs duties delegated by the President.

Paul del Giorgio
Antonietta Quigg

Members-at-Large (2)

Members-at-Large represent the interests of the full membership on the Board. They help set ASLO policy and determine how ASLO resources will be obtained and spent.

Barcelos e Ramos 200px
Franco-Santos 200px
Senjie Lin
Salk 200px
Scott 200px

Student Member (1)

Student Members serve on the ASLO Board of Directors to represent the interests of students and are full voting Board Members.

Benedict 200px
Siarah Hall 200px
Szydlowski 200px

Secretary (Approve or disapprove)

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining all ASLO records; for recording and archiving the minutes of membership and Board of Directors meetings; and for recording all Board of Director and membership votes.

Greenfield 200px

Dianne Greenfield

Elections are conducted by electronic ballot, but a written ballot can be sent upon request from the ASLO Business Office ([email protected]).

The elections close on 29 May 2024. For assistance with logging in, please contact [email protected].


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