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DEIJ Events

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    Leslie Townsell

    ASLO community, have you heard of Black In Marine Science (BIMS)? Last year they held the first annual BIMS week and it was such a huge success they brought it back again this year. Check out the events page here and tune into some of the awesome events that will be live streamed on the BIMS YouTube.

    BIMS week will be held from 11/28-12/4

    Beth Orcutt

    On behalf of the The Oceanography Society JEDI committee (, I am writing to invite you to attend the TOS JEDI townhall at OSM – Friday Feb 25, 2022 – 11AM-12PM eastern. More info here and below:

    In brief, this town hall will be a place to hear from society members/OSM attendees about their recommendations on how science societies could be helping really move the needle on issues related to the need to increase justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity in our fields.

    TH30 TOS JEDI Committee Town Hall: Building Support for JEDI Efforts from Individuals to Institutions

    The geoscience community has long been recognized as one of the least diverse scientific communities. In recent years, the ocean science community has increased efforts to promote Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) at a variety of levels, both individual and institutional in scale. For example, The Oceanography Society (TOS) has recently constituted a standing JEDI committee. This hybrid town hall will feature a discussion moderated by TOS JEDI members, that is focused on three main questions: What are the major challenges that exist and how are they being addressed? What efforts have been successful for increasing JEDI in ocean sciences? What support can TOS and other societies provide to bolster success and alleviate challenges to integrate JEDI in the ocean science? The session will address JEDI work at different scales, from individual efforts to institutional change. Participants will be able to interact in a variety of ways, including polling applications, in person or virtual discussion, and submitting comments and videos before the meeting that can be shared in the town hall. Opportunities will be provided for anonymous discussion and feedback. The target audience is TOS membership and anyone else in the ocean science community interested in contributing to JEDI progress. The intended outcome of the Town Hall is an expanding network of ideas, actions, and participants working on increasing JEDI. The results from the discussions will be included in a forthcoming JEDI column in Oceanography magazine. Convened by members of the TOS JEDI Committee,James Pierson, Mona Behl, Erin Meyer-Gutbrod

    Leslie Townsell

    (Closes March 18)

    ‘Coastlines and people Open data and MachinE learning sprinT’ (COMET) to be held May 2-6, 2022 in Kitty Hawk, NC. This sprint is in a series of three 72hr events focused on open, data-driven Coastlines and People (CoPe) science.

    There is funding available for ~10-15 participants to attend the event (lodging, travel, per diem). Participants will bring a feasible research idea to pitch to the group during the event. Ideas should focus on using open data to do science related to Coastlines and People. After project pitches, participants will divide up into self-selected groups to work on ideas for the next 72 hrs, ultimately producing open deliverables by the end of the sprint.

    Groups will give a final report to other participants describing the work they accomplished during the event. All code written at the event will be open, put on GitHub, and given a DOI. Groups will be invited to submit a working paper to the EarthArXiv preprint service if the project continues. Some publication funds are available for groups that reach that milestone.

    The event is open to all programming abilities and does not require skills in machine learning. The application will be open until March 18th, 2022.

    The website with more details and the full application procedure is available at the link below:

    Leslie Townsell

    The annual meeting of the International Society of Limnology is taking place in in Berlin (August 7 – 10 2022). The meeting is a hybrid format and you can find out more about it at the website below.

    SIL annual meeting:

    There will be a special session and the details are below:
    Past, present and future of the herstory of limnology
    The study of freshwaters is full of passionate and fascinating women, who have made vast contributions to our current understanding of freshwater ecosystems. Today, women represent more than half of the total limnologists in training and at early-career stages. However, as in many other scientific disciplines, far fewer women are full professors or are leading research departments and academic institutions. In this session, we aim to raise awareness on the importance of gender equity for the freshwater community, and particularly on the role of women in limnology. We welcome contributions that discuss key vulnerabilities that challenge women’s careers in freshwater ecology, and that identify activities, strategies and solution-based approaches promoting visibility and participation of women at all career stages. Improving the inclusivity of women in freshwater sciences is critical to meet environmental challenges based on different perspectives as well as to progress towards a safer and healthier scientific community.

    SIL special sessions:

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