Researching Sweden


Researching Sweden

By Sarah Burnet In preparation for my trip to Sweden as part of the LOREX program, I researched not only aquatic systems that were very different from my study system in the US, but also my family heritage. For my LOREX proposal, I read about arctic oligotrophic lakes, iced-over for long portions of the year that experience no algae blooms. This varies from US research site, Willow Creek Reservoir (WCR), […]

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Waikaraka Estuary, NZ

By Hannah Glover Field work here in New Zealand is in full swing! We have spent 6 busy days so far at Waikaraka Estuary in Tauranga Harbor. This beautiful estuary is the perfect place to study how an ecosystem changes following mangrove removal. Unlike other parts of the world, mangroves have been expanding in New Zealand. These mangroves provide many benefits, including stabilizing coastlines. However, they also change the habitat

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The Land of the Midnight Sun

By Hannah Beck Aside from the mandatory jet lag, adjusting to life at the Abisko field station has been quite easy. I’m living in a dorm-style building with several other visiting students who are field interns, science communication interns, or here on a specific project like me. Most of the visiting students come from other countries—as I’m writing this, we have students from Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands,

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Calm Down

By Hannah Beck The process of applying to the LOREX program was certainly a rollercoaster. The opportunity seemed to appear out of nowhere, and I hadn’t even officially started my graduate degree when I learned about the program. I spent every day since the announcement with butterflies of nervousness and excitement warring in my belly. How amazing would it be if I could go all the way to Sweden and

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Traveling Light? Yeah Right…

Breena S Riley I like to travel, but I hate being underprepared. It is my nature to worry perhaps more than I should. I hate not being completely self-sufficient when traveling. Because of these reasons, I end up overpacking. Before a major trip, I usually make a packing list about two weeks before I leave. It starts out reasonable enough. I start out by including the items that I must

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