Umeå, the roaring city


Umeå, the roaring city

By Vendy Hazukova On October 16, I made my way to the Abisko train station, said my goodbyes, and set forth to the big city of Umeå. Umeå is home to approximately 120,000 people, two university campuses, and despite its northern, rather remote location, there is a vibrant cultural life. For the duration of my stay, I joined the Ecology and Environmental Science (EMG) department at Umeå University, and I […]

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Slouching towards Abisko

By Vendy Hazukova Over the past couple of years, I have exchanged summers in Maine for field work in the Arctic. This summer was no different: I spent a little over two months in West Greenland studying how lakes respond to climate change and after enjoying the East coast sun for a couple of weeks in August, I have embarked on another journey: back to the polar circle, to Abisko.

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Catchments Galore!

Read the LOREX Blog By Adrianna Gorsky I am officially more than halfway done with my LOREX exchange in Abisko, Sweden. It has exceeded my expectations all around. I am still in awe of the beauty of this arctic environment and have tried to experience as much of the landscape as possible. Immediately after arriving I got to work on preparing sensors and buoys for deployment. With help from the

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A Summer of Sun

Read the LOREX  Blog by Adrianna Gorsky My journey to the LOREX orientation in Palma de Mallorca began with a sunrise over Lake Monona in Madison, Wisconsin and ended with a sunset over the bay of Palma. In a way, a symbolic farewell leading into my summer as I will be heading to Abisko, Sweden, which lies about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle and so by June the

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Summertime field work in the Scandinavian mountains

By Phoenix Rogers The opportunity LOREX provided to spend the summer in Sweden working in a brand-new environment with a team of collaborators was an incredible experience. A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped make this trip possible. Now that I’ve returned from Sweden, I would like to share some stories about the challenges our team and I faced during my 19 days in the field this summer

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Trials & Tribulations of International Travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Phoenix Rogers Around this time two years ago I first heard about the opportunity presented by LOREX to travel abroad and collaborate on an international research project. I was at the 2019 Society for Freshwater Science annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah sharing my research ideas, connecting with colleagues, and learning more about the work being done in our field. Conferences always give me so much inspiration and

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A Swedish summer (with some spring and fall)

By: Sarah H Burnet Sunset visit to Nuolja with Lapporten in background It’s been two weeks after leaving Abisko, Sweden and after witnessing three season changes (Spring-Summer-Fall) and I take my leave before winter takes hold. If you followed along with my Instagram take-over for ASLO, you know that I don’t mind spending time in colder conditions (even in a walk-in refrigerator for sample collection), especially when sediment cores are

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Working in Abisko

By Hannah Beck It’s taken me so long to assemble this post because I have been working in Abisko! Fitting three incubation experiments into four weeks—including setup and takedown, plus a whole weekend at Umeå University with the rest of my cohort and our collaborators—has kept me busy indeed! Eilea’s blog post urging us to remember to balance life and work was a lesson I really needed to learn, and I’m a

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Day Trip to Norway

By Stephanie Owens Living at the research station here in Abisko is great but sometimes it can feel like it is hard to find a balance between work and play because you’re living where you’re working. But it is important to remember to take time to enjoy where you are and not work all the time. Recently, LOREX members Sarah, Chelsey, and I hopped on a train and went to

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