Final week: the pressure is on

Southern Cross Lismore

Final week: the pressure is on

By Hannah Glover This past week was the final week of field work in Waikaraka Estuary. Deb and I are feeling shell-shocked by how quickly the time has passed. Every day has been action packed (except for one wonderful afternoon when we eased our achy backs in a hot spring). We spent lots of time this week trying to think of any final measurements we might want. This finality is …

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Stuck inside in the lab

By Hannah Glover Lab work is not my favorite. When I was an unhappy, sophomore chemistry major I dreaded every long afternoon spent in the lab. Then I took a geology course where we spent every class outdoors exploring field sites. It was amazing! I immediately switched majors and haven’t looked back (sorry chemistry). Sadly, sometimes I still have to step into a lab. The past few weeks we’ve collected …

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Happy World Sea Turtle Day from Australia!

By Hannah Glover Happy World Sea Turtle Day! I recently had a wonderful opportunity to help with a study on turtle behavior. I’m a graduate student at the University of Washington, but this summer I’m working abroad in Australia and New Zealand through the ASLO LOREX program. Debra Stokes, my host and advisor here, studies both coastal geology and ecology. I am a geologist by training, so it’s exciting to work …

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Australia’s Gold Coast

By Hannah Glover The expression, “the best geologist is the one who has seen the most rocks,” captures a concept at the heart of geology. It is a field where seeing and touching and experiencing are an important part of the scientific process. Each new location, outcrop, and rock gets added to a mental library, and we draw on these past observations to understand new environments. So, the best geologist …

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By Hannah Glover I’m finally in Australia! The past few months have been a flurry of work, both preparing for this trip and wrapping up projects at home in Seattle, WA. The trip felt more and more surreal during the final week before I left, even as I double-checked packing lists and exchanged last minute emails with collaborators. After 4 flights and 32 total hours of travel time, I’m settled …

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