Surviving COVID-19 during the LOREX Program

Southern Cross Lismore

Ready, set, research!

By Keiko Wilkins After a few weeks of getting set-up at Southern Cross, my advisor and I have begun preparing for our experiment to explore the effects of increased temperature and high DMSP on coral feeding rates. To conduct the experiment, we have to travel to Coffs Harbour where the …

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I Am Not An Alien Anymore

By Angelique Rosa-Marín My experience has been very disappointing in terms of people being aware of the actual environment situation, but Australia surprised me! People around here seem concerned about our environmental issues in such a way that their daily practices reflect their awareness. Let’s start with their recycling system… …

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Survival of the Fittest

By Angelique Rosa-Marín Apparently, Australians do not believe in air conditioning. The majority of the places have air conditioning, but they don’t really use it-extremely different from United States-right? North Americans need air conditioning for EVERYTHING; we cannot work, eat, sleep without a chilly environment; however, Australians seem to do …

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