Memorable Moments in Montreal 


Memorable Moments in Montreal 

By Emily Martin Living in Montreal for the ASLO LOREX Program has been a whirlwind experience, with every day bringing something new to learn/explore. Below I have described some of the most memorable moments of my trip: exploring the city as a tourist, navigating language differences, and beginning my research project at UQAM. Being a Tourist in the City Old Montreal is full of striking architecture; strolling down cobblestone streets …

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Prepared to be Unprepared

By Emily Martin April 3, 2023 With a packed suitcase, my passport, a checklist of top things to do in Montreal, and an Uber ride scheduled for 4:45 am to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), I had set my alarm to wake up early for my rapidly-approaching adventure, an extra cushion of time in case something didn’t go as planned. My name is Emily Martin, and I am a …

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Road Trip

By Carrie Ann Sheritt Since I knew I would be travelling to my LOREX site by car, I had my car serviced in preparation for my trip. New tires ✓ New battery ✓ New windshield wipers ✓ Air filter ✓ Alignment ✓ Brake ✓ On Friday, July 8th, I finished running tons of last-minute errands to ensure that I had everything I would need during my LOREX trip. (I’m sure …

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