Woah, We’re Halfway There


Woah, We’re Halfway There

By Eilea Knotts I didn’t actually know how long I would have at my international institute when I applied for the LOREX. I wrote my application like I would have the entire summer…three months worth of work…but I also added at the end that much of the analysis could be done back at my home institution. By the time I was accepted and discussing travel plans I decided on six […]

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Learning to Roll with the Punches

By Emily Chua So far, my time in Halifax has been a (somewhat comical) real-life demonstration of Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  From having my equipment waylaid by customs, to contracting the worst stomach virus I’ve had since childhood, my first two weeks here have been anything but expected. Let’s start with the shipping drama.  I am developing a novel underwater instrument for dissolved gas

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Can you spot the difference?

By Wiley Wolfe Watch the video, can you spot the difference? One in the left video the sensor is working, in the right, it is not. Why? What are we even looking at? Two side by side videos of the same sensor, a Deepsea Durafet, in a beaker of seawater.  What is that? It is a sensor that allows us to measure the pH of seawater. See the square part

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Balancing Life and Work

By Eilea Knotts I can now check off that I have been in Canada for one full week! Wow, time is already flying, and I still have so much to do. This coming week has me starting an experiment, sampling during the experiment using methods I have never used before, and giving a lab presentation on my dissertation work so far. There are just not enough hours in the day

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What Did You Do On Your First Day…Made Seawater

By Eilea Knotts Hello! It is Tuesday here in Halifax and it’s my official first day of work. Yes, we came to Dalhousie University yesterday but the day was spent listening to orientations, going to seminars, and giving lightning presentations on what we were going to do here. I probably spent about two hours in my official lab space but the time was spread throughout the entire day so I

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Can you hear me now?

By Wiley Wolfe Until recently, I have taken for granted my ability to communicate with people anywhere on the globe.  When I returned back to San Diego after ASLO 2019, I took the suggestions of past participants and ramped up my planning and communication with both my collaborators and labmates about my LOREX project. This was via video conference calls, emails, and in-person meetings. I was especially motivated to make progress because

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Save Early and Often – Prepping the Phytos

By Eilea Knotts Have you ever heard the saying, “save early and often”? If you haven’t…the statement is referring to the concept that your computer work can be lost at any second. Your hardware could have a catastrophic event (e.g. hard drive failure, power supply failure) and there goes all your time and energy. This is a concept I attempt to hammer into my own students. Even with this, I

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First thoughts from Dilly Dally

By Matthew Woodstock Hello, My name is Matt Woodstock and I am a member of the first LOREX cohort! Full-time, I am a PhD student at Florida International University working with Yuying Zhang on an ecosystem modeling project of the oceanic Gulf of Mexico (seaward of the 1000 m isobath). For the next six weeks, I will be in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada conducting research at Dalhousie University. My research

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LOREX 1.0 – Getting Warmed Up

By Eilea Knotts Test test test. Can everyone hear me? Can everyone see me? No? Good. This is a blog! I wanted to start blogging ASAP because I never blog. I always thought about it but never had the time. I mean really…who does…okay…lame excuse. I could make the time if I really wanted to but apparently I didn’t. Anyway, before I start rambling for pages. Let me just say

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