Video Taping at ASLO 2019 and Disclaimer

Extended Video Taping at ASLO 2019

At past meetings ASLO has filmed the plenary and awards talks to make these events accessible to others who cannot attend meetings, and to attendees after meetings on our YouTube channel. This year ASLO will be filming these presentations and extending filming to also get coverage of other aspects of the conference. The purpose of conference video coverage is wide ranging, including creation of ASLO advertising, member spotlight videos, member benefit and informational videos, and public outreach and education. All attendees are advised to read the videotaping disclaimer provided below.

If you are interested in spotlighting your aquatic research, education/outreach activities, and/or ASLO society service please contact Science Communication Intern, Kylla Benes ( This is a great opportunity to be interviewed in a gorgeous tropical setting, and your interview could be shared in a professionally produced video that you can add to your list of public outreach and education activities!

Videotaping Disclaimer & Notice

For the purposes of internal and external marketing and communication, ASLO has hired a professional videographer to document conference activities including, but not limited to: ASLO-sponsored workshops, plenary and award talks, social events, and public outreach events.

If you do not want to be videotaped or appear in ASLO videos, please do not walk in or hang-out around the videotaping areas. If you remain in a videotaping area, your image may appear in the background of activities, events, or people being filmed. By remaining in a videotaping area, you are giving ASLO your consent to videotape, record, and use your likeness in ASLO video content.

ASLO Recording Policy

ASLO policy does not allow recording of individual talks, poster images, or sessions. This includes the opening plenary session as well as the poster and oral presentations that will take place throughout the week. Audio taping, videotaping, or photographing presentations (outside of ASLO's official videographer) is not allowed at the meeting. This applies to both poster and oral presentations. We appreciate your cooperation!