Auxiliary Event Application

The organizers of the meeting encourage the submission of requests for town hall meetings, workshops or other auxiliary meetings. All requests must be submitted using the online form and must be received by 24 January 2019. Requests received after the deadline may be able to be accommodated on an as-available basis. Even if space is not available at the convention center, you may still organize your own meeting or activity at a nearby hotel or other facility.

We encourage these events to take place on Sunday prior to the meeting or during the week at lunch breaks or during the evenings following the conclusion of the concurrent and poster sessions. Meeting room space will be complimentary as long as there are rooms available. Please be aware that if you select time during lunch Monday through Friday, the workshop or event may be no longer than 1 ½ hours in duration, and must be completed on time so that the next concurrent session can begin promptly in the meeting room.

Most rooms will be pre-set with theater-style seating and standard audio-visual equipment which will include a screen, projector, computer, microphone, and sound system. Please keep in mind that additional options involving room resets, food service, or additional audio-visual requirements such as white boards, extra monitors, extra tables, special seating, etc. will involve additional charges.

Your meeting or event will be allocated to a time that does not overlap with the Scientific Program.

The system will accept only one event per logged-in member or guest. If you have more than one event to submit, please use another person or event co-organizer as the primary contact for each additional event.


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For questions or concerns about your event registration, please contact