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Leslie Townsell

Thank you all for attending the Amplifying Voice seminar last week. I compiled all the fantastic answers that were give throughout the seminar and the questions associated with them below! Make sure to check out the rest of the forum and enjoy the safe space we have created! I look forward to engaging with you more across the different topics of the forum!

Q: How do you define diversity?
A: variety
Differences in self ascribed identities
Multiple backgrounds
all feel comfortable and ideas welcomed
Representation of different identities and lived experiences

Q: How can minoritized groups be categorized?
A: People of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, world views, sexual orientations, gender identities
Age structure
Socioeconomic background, nationality, first language
socioeconomic status
by culture, nation, race, ethnicity, abilities, economic conditions, education background, gender
religious views and practices
First generation

Q: How are the remaining letters in DEIJ defined?
A: E is equity, I is inclusion, J is justice

E– recognizing and valuing diversity
accepting people as they are
Create safe spaces for people to feel welcome and to be their authentic self
Taking part fully, acceptance

I– Openness, proactive seeking of inclusion, welcoming
Being accomplices in standing up for the rights of those that minorities or discriminated against
Ensuring that inclusion is achieved, that bias is recognized and corrected

J–accountability for injustices
fair treatment for all
fair treatment without prejudice
and that equal doesn’t mean the same for all

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