Reply To: DEIJ Events

Reply To: DEIJ Events

Leslie Townsell

The annual meeting of the International Society of Limnology is taking place in in Berlin (August 7 – 10 2022). The meeting is a hybrid format and you can find out more about it at the website below.

SIL annual meeting:

There will be a special session and the details are below:
Past, present and future of the herstory of limnology
The study of freshwaters is full of passionate and fascinating women, who have made vast contributions to our current understanding of freshwater ecosystems. Today, women represent more than half of the total limnologists in training and at early-career stages. However, as in many other scientific disciplines, far fewer women are full professors or are leading research departments and academic institutions. In this session, we aim to raise awareness on the importance of gender equity for the freshwater community, and particularly on the role of women in limnology. We welcome contributions that discuss key vulnerabilities that challenge women’s careers in freshwater ecology, and that identify activities, strategies and solution-based approaches promoting visibility and participation of women at all career stages. Improving the inclusivity of women in freshwater sciences is critical to meet environmental challenges based on different perspectives as well as to progress towards a safer and healthier scientific community.

SIL special sessions:

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