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Ajit Subramaniam

Full time Research Assistant positions available at Columbia University in New York.

The Juhl and Subramaniam research groups at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University encourage eligible, post-baccalaureate candidates with interest in eventually going to graduate school in environmental or marine sciences to apply to the Columbia Bridge to the PhD program. The Bridge to the Ph.D. Program ( aims to enhance the participation of students from underrepresented groups in Ph.D. programs in STEM. The Bridge Program is an intensive research, academic, and mentoring experience for post-baccalaureates seeking to strengthen their graduate school applications and prepare for the transition into graduate school. Bridge participants are hired as full-time Columbia University research assistants (RAs) for up to two years (with competitive salary and full-benefits) to conduct research under the mentorship of faculty members. In addition to research, Bridge participants enroll in one to two courses per semester at Columbia for academic credit (at no cost to them).

The Juhl and Subramaniam research groups focus on marine and estuarine ecology and biogeochemistry. If hired, an RA in our groups would have the opportunity to conduct lab experiments and analyses, participate in sea-going oceanographic expeditions, and learn data analysis techniques.

Applications are currently available until February 15, 2022 and can be found here Please see the program web pages for more information. Feel free to contact Ajit Subramaniam ( or Andrew Juhl ( for more information related to the activities of their research groups.

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