Photo Contest 2020 – Featured Images

Photo Contest 2020 – Featured Images

This week’s feature is the winning image in the Macrophotography category.
Colorful snowstorm – Coral spawning

Description: Close up of a branching coral spawn pinkish egg-and-sperm bundles. These bundles will be carried away by the currents, mixing in the water, until they encounter a match – a sperm fertilizes an egg and new life is created. This phenomenon of coral spawning usually happens once a year in a certain month of the year, on a specific night of the month, and at a certain hour of the night for a very short time window of only few minutes.

This photo is part of a scientific-documentary project documenting the nightlife and unique reproductive phenomena of corals and other inhabitants of the coral-reef in the Red Sea. In the last five years, during the major reproduction season of corals and many other reef-associated animals. I am snorkeling several hours every night to document the timing and reproductive behavior of many coral reef dwellers.”

📸: Tom Shlesinger, taken in 2018
Twitter: @TomShlesinger
Instagram: @tom_shlesinger

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