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2019 ASLO Global Outreach Initiative Proposals

Thank you for your interest in ASLO’s Global Outreach Initiative!  Please download the proposal template file at the link below, and use the template for your project proposal.  Complete all fields and delete any blue instruction text prior to submission. In addition to the project proposal, you may also include an additional file including a single image or graphic.

Proposals should be limited to a 2-page maximum length (not including the abstract, biosketches, and optional image). Incomplete applications or those exceeding 2 pages may not be considered.

Your project proposal should be merged with supporting material as described above into one PDF file, and submitted using the link below.

Download the proposal template (Word document) | Submit your completed proposal (online form)


Proposal Template

The proposal template requests the following information.  

Project Title: Title of proposed Global Outreach Initiative project.

Submitting PI name and contact information: Your name and preferred email address.

Country: Country where the project will take place.

Proposed budget (total): Total funds requested.

Abstract: Please provide a brief (~100 word) abstract of your project.

Proposed Budget (detailed): Proposals in the range of $500 to $3000 will be considered. Please provide detailed budget estimates of how the funds will be used. 

Project description: Describe your project’s rationale and problem to be addressed, background, approach to be used and work plan.

Outreach Objectives: Who is the audience/how are you extending your usual community? (~100 words)

Anticipated product or outcome: Explain how this project will enhance outreach about aquatic sciences. 

Evaluation plan: Please describe how you will evaluate the success and reach of your proposed outreach project.

Biographical Sketch of PIs (1 paragraph per PI):): Please submit a brief (single paragraph) biographical sketch for each of the PIs.


Support the Global Outreach Initiative

Your donations to the ASLO Global Outreach Initiative will help fund expand these important ASLO efforts through the dedication and creativity of our members. 100% of your donations will be used to fund Global Outreach projects.

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