Raymond L. Lindeman Award 2020


This annual award recognizes an outstanding paper dealing with the aquatic sciences. Nominated papers must be written in English by an author who is no older than 35 years during the publication year. The paper must be published in a peer-reviewed journal two years before the award year (e.g., the 2020 award will be presented for work published in 20178. The nominee must be first author if there is more than one author. This award recognizes the contribution of an individual scientist.

Step 1: Gather Required Information

The submission process is simple, but takes some advance preparation.  Please gather all of the required information and create a single PDF document that contains the following:

  • Prepare a nomination letter (not to exceed 500 words) describing the impact of the paper on the field. 
  • Include a copy of the published paper in the PDF file. 
  • Letters of endorsement are optional for the Lindeman award.  If you wish to obtain and provide letters, include no more than 3 letters of no more than 1 page each.  
Step 2: Update your User Profile

This form will be attached to your user profile within the ASLO system. Please make sure your profile is fully up to date with all field information before submitting. To see/edit your profile, please click here.

Step 3. Provide Information About the Publication
Please enter a complete citation (authors, year of publication, title, journal, volume and pages).
Enter the Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
Step 4: Provide Information About the Nominee (must be first or sole author)
Check to confirm that the nominee is presently 35 years of age, or younger.
Step 5: Upload Nomination Package
The nomination file should be a single PDF containing all required materials.
Maximum File Size: 80000 KB
Please name the file as indicated: nomineelastname_yourlastname.pdf
Step 6: Confirm and Submit your Form
To the best of my knowledge the nominee has not been found guilty of or is not currently under investigation for sexual harassment.

Please review the nomination form.  If it is complete, use the button below to submit your nomination.