PhD Positions-Biological & Environmental Evolution (closes 5/15/2019)

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PhD Positions-Biological & Environmental Evolution (closes 5/15/2019)

At the Department of Biology, SDU we are looking for two PhD students to join our Villum- funded centre on biological and environmental evolution. In general, we use a variety of approaches ranging from physiological studies to the geochemical examination of ancient rocks to explore the interplay between the evolution of life and the evolution of the Earth-surface chemical environment through time.

1) One PhD student will explore the dynamics of redox-sensitive trace metal behaviour in modern sediment environments, with a key focus on the processes involved in redox transformation and trace-metal sequestration. This work will involve a combination of fieldwork and experimental studies with the utilization of our in-house ICP-MS for trace metal analysis.

2) One PhD student will explore the impact of environmental oxygen concentrations on the physiology of oxygen-producing phototrophic organisms. The work has relevance for both the understanding of the relationship between the evolution of oxygen-producing organisms through time, as well as the adaptation of phototrophs to the spread of hypoxia in the oceans today. The work will combine physiological studies with molecular work to understand how gene regulation is influenced by phototrophs at different oxygen levels.

Please clearly indicate for which position you are applying.

It is expected that the two PhD students will start September 2019. Application deadline: 15 May 2019.

The PhDs will be part of the Nordcee group at the Department of Biology.

For further information please contact Professor Don Canfield, tel.: +45 6550 2751, e-mail: