Postdoctoral Fellowship in Marine Ecosystem Modeling (closes 3/31/2019)

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Marine Ecosystem Modeling (closes 3/31/2019)

Project Overview
Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) seeks a motivated and knowledgeable individual for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship (PDF) to assess how changes in ocean conditions along west coast of Vancouver Island continental shelf (WCVI-CS) might affect euphausiid (e.g., Euphausia pacifica) distribution and abundance, and ultimately the vulnerability of commercial fisheries to population changes in this key forage species.

The PDF will work with DFO scientists at the Institute of Ocean Sciences and the Pacific Biological Station to synthesize and analyze historical hydro-acoustic data and net-capture euphausiid data, along with auxiliary information on commercial fishes, seabirds, and marine mammal euphausiid predators, to understand spatial and temporal variability in the distribution and biomass of euphausiids.

The biological data will then be linked with ocean conditions on WCVI-CS to model how the state and extent of ocean acidification, hypoxia, and water temperature might influence euphausiid distribution and biomass. Finally, this new knowledge will be used to examine trophic consequences to commercial fisheries and coastal ecosystems through simulations with the ecosystem model OSMOSE, and ultimately to inform DFO decisions related to adapting fisheries (e.g., WCVI-CS hake, herring and chinook).

Essential Asset Qualifications
Applicants must have completed a PhD in coastal marine fisheries or biological oceanography within the past five years. Candidates with experience in ecosystem modeling and Pacific coast oceanography will be given preference. Experience using open source mapping tools (e.g., Q-GIS) and statistical tools (e.g., R) is highly desirable.
Successful candidates will have a proven capability to publish in recognized peer-reviewed journals.

The position is available to start 1 April 2019, and is available for up to 2 years with a salary of $55K to $65K CAD per annum based on experience. Successful applicants will be required to enlist in The Canadian Postdoctoral Research Program.

Appointments are open to international applicants; but preference is generally given to Canadian Citizens.

Interested applicants should email: 1) CV and 2) cover letter outlining their experience and skills to: Dr. Stéphane Gauthier ( and Dr. Cliff Robinson ( Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.