PhD Candidate-Aquafeed/Aquatic Microbiology (closes 4/1/2019)

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PhD Candidate-Aquafeed/Aquatic Microbiology (closes 4/1/2019)

Fully funded PhD position (4 years) at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Seeking a suitable candidate with background in marine ecology/physiology and/or relevant aquaculture experience with either fish or invertebrates. The position requires excellent English proficiency, but does not require EU or Swedish residency, and is therefore open to all international applicants.

Candidates must be willing to travel frequently and for extended periods internationally (primarily Europe, Australia and Asia). As the projects involve considerable travel, candidates without prior international living experience will not be considered.

The candidate will be responsible for cultivation in bioreactor systems of specific microbial assemblages that contribute to enhanced growth and wellbeing of live fish feed (rotifers, brine shrimp) widely used in aquaculture. They will also work on microalgal production for shellfish and biofloc systems for fish and shrimp. Objectives for achieving project goals include: i) increased production of energy storage and other growth-enhancing compounds in biofloc iv) heterotrophic and autotrophic microalgal enhancement of live feeds ii) characterization of nutrients, including vitamins such as B12, amino acids such taurine, and their bioavailability in algal and biofloc biomass iii) physiological effects of enhanced feeds on gut health.

Application deadline is March 7, 2019. Start date is approximately May 15th, 2019 (flexible). Salary is paid in Swedish kroner and is around €34,000 (approximately $43,000 USD after tax, depending on exchange rates) with excellent benefits including health coverage, paid vacation and travel. Please find more details about the position at: