Education, Early Career, Outreach

Programs for Recent PhDs

Several long-running symposium series offer opportunities for new PhD recipients to connect to one another. Please refer to the following brief descriptions and visit the symposium websites for additional information.

Eco-DAS (Ecological Dissertations in the Aquatic Sciences)

The Eco-DAS symposia include programs to foster sustained, cross-disciplinary interactions among the top new researchers in ecological oceanography and limnology, to the benefit of both the science and the researchers. In addition to participants sharing their recent work and ideas, self-organized author teams collaborate to prepare manuscripts for formal submission to the publication of their choice.

DISCO (Dissertations Symposium in Chemical Oceanography)

The DISCO symposia afford new and upcoming doctorate recipients in chemical oceanography a unique opportunity to present and discuss their dissertation research in open forum with their professional peers. Since 1978, DISCO has brought together new ocean chemists from around the world to share the latest discoveries of the field and to forge professional relationships for the future.

PODS (Physical Oceanography Dissertation Symposium)

The PODS symposia are designed to bring together new PhDs and doctoral candidates soon to receive their degrees in physical oceanography or a related field of environmental fluid dynamics for the purpose of scientific discussion and the forging of future professional relationships.