Call for Nominations: OSM 2024 Co‐Vice Chair

Call for Nominations: OSM 2024 Co‐Vice Chair

ASLO is currently seeking nominations (including self-nominations) for individuals interested in serving as ASLO Co-Vice Chair of the Program Committee for the Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM) in 2024. The Co-Vice Chair will automatically be promoted to Co-Chair of the OSM in 2026. Ocean Sciences Meetings are a collaboration of ASLO, AGU, and TOS, so the Co-Vice Chair will be working closely with colleagues from the other societies.

Criteria to be considered for OSM Co-Vice Chair:

  • Attendance at previous Ocean Sciences Meetings (e.g. at least two)
  • Prior Service on the program committee of a society meeting (e.g. ASLO, AGU, TOS, etc.)
  • Commitment to attending three in-person meetings for each OSM over the next 3.5 years.
  • Experience convening sessions, workshops, or other meeting events
  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues from other societies and backgrounds
  • Capacity to communicate clearly to respond rapidly to evolving issues, make informed decisions, and meet deadlines

The ASLO Meetings Committee will consider all the nominees and make a recommendation to the ASLO Board before appointment. All nominations will automatically also be considered for the OSM Program Committee and future ASLO meeting program committees. Notifications regarding nominations and program committees will be announced by 10 October 2026. A variety of factors are considered when forming meeting Program Committees to ensure a diverse and balanced representation of the membership.

Send nominations, questions, and comments to Helen Schneider Lemay, ASLO Business Manager (

The deadline for nominations is September 30, 2022. 

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