OSM 2020 Science Communication Field Guide

OSM 2020 Science Communication Field Guide

We believe that science communication is more important than ever before in addressing the unique challenges our oceans face. That is why organizers and contributors of the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego have made it a priority to host a variety of events, workshops, and presentations uniquely focused on communication, outreach, education, and science policy. These sessions will equip attendees with current tools and best practices for communicating science to the public, to students, and to policy-makers.

In order to more easily direct conference attendees to the variety of science communication sessions planned for OSM, we and our partners at AGU and TOS have put together a "Science Communication Field Guide."

Click here to download the interactive Science Communication Field Guide for OSM 2020. Each event listed in this program is hyperlinked to more information on the OSM2020 Scientific Program. Some of these events require pre-registration, so please take the time to check out the field guide in advance.

We hope you will consider participating in these events!


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