OSM 2018 Workshops

OSM 2018 Workshops

Join ASLO at OSM18 as we explore Hollywood narrative elements in science communications through a series of workshops led by Brian Palermo; professional actor (The Social Network, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), and improv instructor at the Groundlings Theatre, Los Angeles.

The Hollywood entertainment industry has traditionally been the source of both innovation and perfection of narrative elements and we are excited to share these techniques with you through a series of workshops to help you communicate science to all audiences, from the general public to fellow academics:

Science Videos that Engage Video: Workshop at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

Tuesday February 13th from 19:30 –21:30 PM in Room B117 –119

At this year’s workshop, we will screen several participant-submitted science videos and provide commentary with an eye towards critiquing and creating the most effective narrative and connection with an audience through the submitted videos.  The workshop is designed to help you make effective, engaging and compelling videos and will be led by Brian Palermo.

We invite anyone interested to submit a short video, not to exceed 5 minutes in length in YouTube format before the meeting in February. Submissions are encouraged from all Ocean Sciences attendees, including: a broad array of graduate students, and early career scientists

To submit a video, go to: http://bit.ly/OSM18Video

Science Communications Lab I & II.  Yes, LAB: Make Your Science Communication More Effective

Complementary lunch will be available on a first-come basis (13:00 – 14:00).

Do you want to improve your communications skills, so you can present your work more effectively? Join us for one of two three-hour workshops, led by communications expert, Brian Palermo, before the formal opening of the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Portland and learn new innovative techniques in perfecting your sciences presentations narrative.

Lab I: Sunday February 11th from 10:00 – 13:00, Room C122; limited spots available with no-fee registration.

Lab II: Sunday February 11th from 14:00 – 17:00, Room F149; all invited; co-sponsored by Student, Early Careers Activities Committee. A “talk with interactive experiential elements”.

Interdisciplinary Presentations Workshop

Tuesday February 13th from 12:45 –13:45, Room B110-112

Make your presentations more broadly received by your professional colleagues and those outside your specialty. If you want to reach and appeal to a broader interdisciplinary audience, rather than just a few peers, you need to make presentations more engaging and appealing to those outside your specialty. This workshop is open to all. It is organized by Jonathan Sharp (University of Delaware), Adrienne Sponberg (ASLO); using the skills of communications expert, Brian Palermo (professional actor and improv instructor at the Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles).

We will attend a few presentations early in the 2018 Portland Ocean Sciences Meeting. Then at the workshop, we will use those talks as examples, illustrating how to make improvements to transform a solid presentation into one that is memorable and compelling to a broad interdisciplinary audience. Similar workshops have been conducted with help from Palermo in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017. Partially supported by US NSF Ocean Sciences Division. If you have a talk scheduled for Monday and would like to have it considered for the workshop, contact Jonathan Sharp. jsharp@udel.edu

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