2021 Global Outreach Initiative

2021 GOI Proposal Submission

We are pleased to announce the availability of funds for the 2021 ASLO Global Outreach Initiative (GOI). As the ASLO membership has become increasingly geographically diverse, so have many ASLO activities.  ASLO has frequently discussed and explored ways to assist ASLO members outside the U.S. with communicating their results to non-technical audiences. Recognizing that our members know their local culture best, ASLO adopted a bottom-up approach in 2012 with the ASLO Global Outreach Initiative.

ASLO has committed $10,000 to another round of the Global Outreach Initiative in 2021 to enable individual members or groups of members to reach out to their own communities. The ASLO Global Outreach Initiative will provide up to $3000 per project to conduct aquatic science outreach projects. While the goal of this initiative is to encourage and promote outreach in regions outside of the United States, proposals generated within the United States that conduct outreach in other countries are also welcome. In addition, ASLO has committed additional funds for a new category of GOI funding to support outreach projects within Tribal Nations and First Nations.

To prepare a proposal, please download and follow the 2021_ASLO_GOI_Proposal_Template.  Save your completed proposal as a PDF file, and submit it using the form below.  You may also prepare and submit a single graphic or other supporting image in JPG format.

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