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LOREX: Research Exchange Opportunities

ASLO anticipates supporting ~12 students for carrying out competitive international research exchanges in 2023. Each participant will receive focused international collaboration professional development training, as well as support for travel and living expenses at the host institution for a period of 4-8 weeks. Students will also receive funding to attend the in-person orientation workshop prior to their exchange.


Students (U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident) enrolled in US-based graduate programs may apply. You must be an ASLO member. Research projects in any area of aquatic science are eligible for funding, including but not limited to biological, physical, chemical, geological and social limnology or oceanography as long as they are conducted in collaboration with foreign scientists at one of the host institutes.

Host Institutions

LOREX research exchange students will conduct collaborative research in one of seven field stations managed by ASLO members in Australia, Canada, Israel and Sweden. These sites represent diverse settings for research from coastal to open ocean, tropics to high latitudes saline, brackish and fresh waters. The countries represent established or expanding environments for international collaboration, with three of the four countries identified as most “internationally connected” by a recent analysis. Click below to visit the host institutions' websites. More information about research possibilities can be found at the links on the right.

Australia (Southern Cross University)

National Marine Science Centre at Coffs Harbor
Marine Ecology Research Centre at Lismore
Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry at Lismore


Dalhousie University, The Department of Oceanography
GRIL (Group for Interuniversity Research in Limnology and Aquatic Environment, Montréal)


The Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences (University of Haifa)
Inter University Institute for Marine Science in Eilat


Climate Impacts Research Centre at Abisko Scientific Research Station (Umeå University)

Travel to host sites is contingent on current recommendations and restrictions for travel by the US Department of State.

The research sites have state of the art research facilities and laboratories and focus on diverse aquatic fields of research (biological, physical, chemical, geological and social). Further, each of the research sites offers LOREX students the opportunity to conduct collaborative aquatic research in a stimulating and supportive environment. The local scientists affiliated with these sites cover the broad areas of research represented by the ASLO community. The participating institutions also have ample experience with hosting foreign collaborators as well as the infrastructure (lodging, labs, boats etc.) needed to easily facilitate program logistics. English is frequently the spoken language at the labs.

Each site will host information sessions, an orientation, and a field trip for the incoming LOREX students to introduce them to the country, region, and the research in the lab. Each site will also host a seminar in which each of the incoming LOREX students will present their planed research project to the local students and scientists. Interested applicants MUST contact potential collaborators to discuss their research interests and ideas before applying.

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