Road Trip

Road Trip

By Carrie Ann Sheritt

Since I knew I would be travelling to my LOREX site by car, I had my car serviced in preparation for my trip.

New tires ✓
New battery ✓
New windshield wipers ✓
Air filter ✓
Alignment ✓
Brake ✓

On Friday, July 8th, I finished running tons of last-minute errands to ensure that I had everything I would need during my LOREX trip. (I’m sure I will discover at least one thing that I forget and have to take a trip to the store at some point.) The afternoon was then spent packing my bags and loading my car between bursts of rain. Then, Saturday, July 9th,  I left home around 6am driving, and I spent the night in Rochester, NY. Here, I got to meet up with a friend from social media; I’m always shocked by the network of folks that I’ve met online and later meet “in real life”!

My drive day 1 from Oxford, OH to Rochester, NY (Google Maps)

On Sunday (July 10th), I continued my drive crossing into Canada at the Thousand Islands Bridge which spans the St. Lawrence River. After a bit of confusion about why I my paperwork stated the research exchange was to occur in 2020, I was able to continue on and reached the University of Montreal’s Station de biologie des Laurentides by mid-afternoon. 

Total Distance Traveled: ~920 miles (1480.5 km)

Fuel Economy: ~39mpg (16.58 km/L)

Being in my car this long gave me time to listen to lots of different things. I listened to 1.5 audiobooks, several podcast episodes, and hours of music. Yes, I still use CDs in the car!

The Teacher of Warsaw (audiobook), History is US (podcast), Red: Taylor’s Version, Billy Joel Greatest Hits, The Guncle (audiobook), The Stacks (podcast), Shania Twain Greatest Hits, Hamilton Original Broadway Cast Recording

I’m finally in Canada!

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