Early Career Committee Seeks New Members

Early Career Committee Seeks New Members

The Early Career (EC) Committee of the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO) actively acknowledges the many challenges aquatic science researchers and professionals face in their early careers. ASLO supports early career professionals in many ways, in particular by benefiting from the rich knowledge of the ASLO community. Right now, we are looking for new committee members. If you (or your students) are interested in working with us on the EC Committee of ASLO to actively improve and increase the role of early career aquatic scientists in the scientific community, please send your CV and a one-page motivation letter by 23:59 EST on January 16th 2022 (05:59 CET on January 17th), to ec-committee-aslo@googlegroups.com

Eligibility: Completed Ph.D. (not more than 10 years after graduation and non-tenured), or a PhD student (final year) in the aquatic sciences, ASLO member at the time of application. Committee members must be approved by the ASLO Board of Directors.

Previous members of the EC Committee wrote an informative article about the committee’s work for L&O Bulletin called “Life in Transition.” It can be accessed here.

Kindly share this announcement with anyone in your network who you feel may be interested in joining the ASLO EC Committee.

Best Wishes,

Early Career Committee:
Mina Bizic
Ying Ping Lee
Karin Meinikmann
Anwesha Ghosh
Cale Gushulak
Kelly Luis
Hans-Peter Grossart (Committee Chair and Member-at-Large)

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