Candidate for Member at Large: Punyasloke Bhadury

Punyasloke Bhadury

Ph.D. 2005 (Marine Microbial Ecology, Plymouth Marine Laboratory and University of Plymouth, United Kingdom)

Biographical Information

I completed my M.Sc. in Marine Resource Development and Protection from Edinburgh, United Kingdom in 2002, followed by a Ph.D. in marine microbial ecology in 2005 from Plymouth Marine Laboratory and University of Plymouth, United Kingdom. Subsequently, I did my postdoctoral research in Princeton University, USA on microbial ecology and biogeochemical cycling of N under Professor Bess Ward. I returned to India at the end of 2008 to take up faculty position in the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata (IISER Kolkata) and since 2018, I am a Professor of Biological Sciences in IISER Kolkata. I have spearheaded and established an interdisciplinary centre, Centre for Climate and Environmental Studies at IISER Kolkata in 2017 to engage translational research at the interface of earth sciences and society. More recently, I have been leading a new Centre, Centre for Excellence in Blue Economy within my Institute to bridge research on coastal oceans for sustainable blue economy within the region and beyond such as in South and Southeast Asia. My research interests span across coastal biogeochemistry, land-freshwater-atmosphere interactions for sustainable ocean and blue economy. Over the years my trainings including participation in ASLO meetings played key role towards my involvement in a number of initiatives such as serving in the Executive Committee Members of APECS and contributing towards promotion of polar ocean research in South Asia. For more than fifteen years, I have organized numerous capacity building workshops and meetings with support from SCOR, SCAR, IAEA, among others to promote and to engage early career researchers in areas of microbial ecology, biogeochemistry of carbon and nitrogen in oceanic realms as well as on coastal acidification. I am also leading South Asia Regional Hub on Ocean Acidification (SAROA) endorsed by GOA-ON to actively promote ocean acidification research for society across South and Southeast Asia.

Candidate Statement

My academic background, training and my engagements spanning almost two decades provide an excellent opportunity to serve on the Board of ASLO. I work in Global South and there is a deep need for Global South-North engagements on issues of oceanography that have huge implications for UN SDG goals and towards ensuring sustainability of global ocean. My engagement with ASLO in early years as postdoc through participation in meetings/workshops gave me much needed insights on how building of capacity is crucial in South and to foster long term collaborations in pertinent and emerging issues of ocean health involving South and North. I have over the years contributed my knowledge and expertise towards strengthening the Publication pillar of ASLO as a peer-reviewer, among others. As I work in Global South, I have actively engaged with numerous early career researchers (ECRs) highlighting the activities and opportunities ASLO provides to young minds. Many of these engagements led to participation of ECRs in ASLO meetings, among others. I strongly believe to truly practice equity, diversity and inclusivity the Board of ASLO needs to be represented by members who work in Global South, have a deep understanding of North and also have strong skills and network to link South with North such as engaging ECRs from Africa with Asia, Africa with North America and Europe.

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