Call for session proposals for the 2024 ASLO Summer Meeting

Call for session proposals for the 2024 ASLO Summer Meeting

The world is rapidly changing. The accelerating tempo of climate change, eutrophication, altered hydrological regimes, overharvest, and biodiversity loss are threatening aquatic ecosystems, water resources, and resultant human well-being. Effectively adapting to meet these challenges will require major transitions in both our thinking and how we manage aquatic ecosystems to build resilience. Sustainable solutions—those that work across sectors, nations, and generations—will emerge from a foundation of actionable aquatic science.  

By proposing a special session, we hope you’ll help highlight relevant work on aquatic ecosystems in a changing world, and how aquatic organisms, ecosystems, and management are adapting to global environmental change.

Session proposals for the 2024 ASLO Summer Meeting are due by 23:59 U.S. Pacific Time on 6 October 2023. Proposals should include the following information: 

  • Identify at least one co-organizer, but you may add up to four (at least one must be a member of ASLO).
  • Include an informative session title. 
  • Enter your best estimate of the number of attendees, based on your knowledge of the topic and of individuals who would be interested.
  • Include a short (500-word) session description. 
  • Indicate the desired format (talks/posters/both). 
  • Include four to five potential speakers. 
  • Indicate up to five keywords.

Sessions will be decided by the end of the year. Submit your session proposal here.

For more information on the conference, please visit the conference website. We look forward to seeing you in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sincerely, your conference co-chairs:
Jake Vander Zanden
Grace Wilkinson

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