Call for Papers: L&O Letters Special Issue on Microplastics

Call for Papers: L&O Letters Special Issue on Microplastics

Call for papers: Limnology and Oceanography: Letters Special Issue on microplastics in marine and freshwater organisms: Presence and potential effects

Special Issue Guest Editors: Elise Granek, Portland State University and Susanne Brander, Oregon State University 

We are pleased to announce the solicitation of proposals for contributed papers to the upcoming Special Issue in L&O Letters “Microplastics in marine and freshwater organisms: Presence and potential effects”. Microplastics and microfibers (hereafter referred to as “microplastics”) are a pressing threat to aquatic ecosystems and have been the topic of much recent research. This research has documented quantities and locations of microplastic accumulation in many marine and freshwater environments. However, an important emerging topic is the extent to which these microplastics are making their way into the aquatic organisms that inhabit these environments and the potential consequences of their presence in organismal guts, tissues, and food webs. This special issue will publish the latest research on this important aspect of microplastic contamination of the worlds’ waters and will include: original research articles, syntheses of our current understanding, and essays highlighting emerging challenges and opportunities regarding microplastics in marine and freshwater organisms.

We seek contributed articles that complement the invited articles described below and that include the following general topics for any aquatic organism (e.g., fish, invertebrate, bird): microplastic prevalence and retention in organisms, effects of microplastic ingestion on organisms, microplastic toxicity, trophic-transfer of microplastics, and novel techniques for enumerating, identifying, or validating microplastics in organisms. Contributed papers may be in any of the three L&O Letters article formats. For more information about article types and the aims and scope of L&O Letters, see here.

Proposals for contributed papers will be evaluated based on fit within the journal scope and complementarity with invited paper themes (listed below) by the special issue editors, Drs. Elise Granek and Susanne Brander. Please send an email with the subject heading “Microplastics-Paper-Proposal” to with a pdf of the manuscript proposal attached that includes the following information (no more than 2 pages):

  • Author(s) and affiliation(s)
  • Title, and article type (Letter, Current Evidence, or Essay)
  • Abstract, 200 words
  • 1-page outline

Proposals must be received by 5:00 pm PST on October 10, 2018. Invitations to submit full drafts for consideration in the special issue are expected by November 5, 2018. Please note that acceptance to submit a full-draft does not guarantee acceptance of the manuscript, rather, it allows the manuscript to go through the standard L&O Letters peer-review process in consideration for this special issue. Deadline for full manuscript submission will be March 1, 2019. Please contact the special issue editors at with any questions.

Invited papers will cover the following topics:

  • From microplastic concentrations to ecological and human health effects: research priorities for the next decade
  • Microplastic effects in commercial fish species and potential human health concerns
  • Impacts of environmentally-relevant concentrations of polyethylene rope of Pacific Mole Crabs (Emerita analoga) Development and Lifespan
  • Microplastic concentrations in guts versus tissues: Oregon Pacific oysters and razor clams.
  • Gut Retention of Microplastic Fibers in Juvenile Rainbow Trout
  • Trophic transfer of microplastics in an estuarine microzooplankton model
  • Microplastics in wild seabirds
  • Spatial variability in microplastic uptake: razor clams in British Columbia
  • A review of microplastic concentrations in coral reef species
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