Call for papers: L&O Letters special issue on carbon cycling in inland waters

Call for papers: L&O Letters special issue on carbon cycling in inland waters

Deadline for submission of paper proposal: 18 November 2016
We are pleased to announce the solicitation of proposals for contributed papers to the upcoming Special Issue in L&O Letters “Carbon cycling in inland waters: progress and perspectives”. Over the past decade, our appreciation and understanding of carbon dynamics in inland waters and the role of inland waters in regional, continental, and global carbon cycles has expanded rapidly. Continuing this learning process is increasingly urgent as humans continue to modify Earth’s ecosystems and climate. Substantial gaps regarding carbon transport and transformation and how carbon influences other limnological phenomena persist, and new technologies and data provide the raw material for novel insights.

Inspired by the 2016 ASLO Summer Meeting in Santa Fe, the special issue will feature articles addressing current understanding and emerging challenges and opportunities regarding carbon cycling in and of inland waters. This will include invited articles drawn from presentations at the Santa Fe meeting and contributed papers to expand the scope of this issue. Invited papers will Essays or Current Evidence articles. Contributed papers may be in any of the three L&O Letters article formats, including Letters.  For more information about article types and the aims and scope of L&O Letters, see:  

Proposals for contributed papers will be evaluated based on content and complementarity with invited paper themes (listed below) by members of the L&O Letters editorial board and Special Issue editors Paul del Giorgio and Emily Stanley. Please send an email with the subject heading “ASLO Carbon” to Emily Stanley ( with a pdf of the manuscript proposal attached that includes the following information:

  • Author(s) and affiliation(s)
  • Brief (200-word) abstract
  • 1-page outline

Proposals must be received by 17:00 Eastern Time Zone (UTC -5), 18 Nov 2016. Decisions are expected by 28 Nov 2016. Deadline for full manuscript submission will be 16 June 2017. Please feel free to contact del Giorgio ( and Stanley ( with any questions.  

Invited papers

  • The study of carbon in inland waters : from “my lake” to global fluxes
  • Metabolism in freshwater ecosystems: knowledge and opportunities for research in carbon cycling
  • Controls on DOC degradation along the aquatic continuum: the influence of interactions between light and biology
  • Beyond respiration: controls on lateral carbon fluxes across the terrestrial-aquatic interface
  • Carbon transport and emission by fluvial aquatic networks – current understanding & future challenges
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from lakes and reservoirs: Spatiotemporal variability and upscaling in the face of global change
  • Winter carbon dynamics in northern lakes: implication of changing Ice-cover
  • The carbon balance in lakes and latitudinal contrasts
  • Better plumbing: coupling other biogeochemical cycles to carbon in the freshwater pipe
  • Patterns, processes, and drivers of lake carbon biogeochemistry across landscapes
  • Current knowledge and perspective on aquatic carbon cycling: emerging ideas, tools and approaches
  • Terrestrial carbon in aquatic food webs
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