Call for L&O special issue: Arctic aquatic ecosystems in the 21st century

Call for L&O special issue: Arctic aquatic ecosystems in the 21st century

By Marguerite A. Xenopoulos

Announcing the 2021 Limnology and Oceanography Special Issue

View from the USCGC Healy in the Chukchi Sea. June 2002

Arctic aquatic ecosystems in the 21st century

Manuscripts due January 24, 2020

Limnology & Oceanography will be publishing a special issue in 2021, entitled “Biogeochemistry and ecology across Arctic aquatic ecosystems in the face of change” and edited by Special Editors Peter Hernes, Suzanne Tank and Ronnie Glud. We welcome submissions from all interested researchers who work in this area.

The emphasis of the 2021 Special Issue for Limnology and Oceanography will be on the biogeochemistry and ecology of rapidly changing Arctic waters, both freshwater and marine. Climate change and associated thawing of permafrost, melting of sea ice, and decreasing extent of glaciers are profoundly affecting coupled freshwater-to-ocean Arctic ecosystems, with effects being felt from ponds, to groundwater, to lakes and rivers, to the coastal and open ocean. Potential topic areas might include nutrient, carbon and toxin dynamics, including the release, transport and transformation of biogeochemical constituents across the aquatic continuum, interactions between water column and benthic processes, intersections between terrestrial ecology and aqueous biogeochemistry and ecology, changing food web dynamics and ecosystem function, and changing physical processes related to altered temperature and ice cover regimes. Studies across gradients and land-water interfaces are encouraged. Reviews, secondary analyses, and meta-analyses taking a comparative approach across Arctic systems are also welcome in addition to standard manuscripts that use primary data. Using primary data to build upon past studies to characterize change is also strongly encouraged.

The deadline for manuscript submission is January 24, 2020. Manuscripts may be submitted earlier, and accepted papers will be published online upon acceptance with a completed issue expected in January 2021. Articles should be submitted through ScholarOne at:  Please identify your submission for consideration in the “Arctic” issue. For more information please contact one of the special issue Editors below or the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Maggie Xenopoulos:

Special Issue Editors

Peter Hernes, University of California, Davis;

Suzanne Tank, University of Alberta;

Ronnie N. Glud, University of Southern Denmark;

Cover Photo by Victoria Hill, Old Dominion University

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