AGI’s National Geoscience Student Exit Survey

The American Geosciences Institute is asking for graduating students to participate in a survey.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with AGI, it is a nonprofit federation of 52 different geoscientific and professional associations, including ASLO, that represents the majority of the geosciences community.  AGI provides information to geoscientists, as well as serve as a voice for shared interests of the geosciences community. Please read below for more information about the survey, which can be accessed at Please use token edk58.

AGI is conducting a research study looking at the immediate career plans for students graduating with a geoscience degree, as well as the students’ education, research, and internship experiences leading up to graduation.  This will be the first major study or its kind for geoscience majors. With job availability recently becoming a major issue in this country, many with the geoscience community have been wondering about how recently graduating students are faring in the job market, and this survey will begin to answer that question.

For this study, AGI would appreciate your time and attention to AGI’s National Geoscience Student Exit Survey.  We would like to better understand your background, experiences in the geosciences, and immediate path after graduation.  Your responses will be included with your peers across the United States in order to get a regional and national understanding of the recent geoscience graduate.  We want to emphasize that your participation in the survey is completely voluntary and will not affect your future in the workforce.  We will not share any personal information you decide to provide without your explicit permission.

AGI really appreciates your consideration to participate in this research study.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact Carolyn Wilson by email:


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