Resources from sexual misconduct workshop at 2017 Aquatic Sciences Meeting available on ASLO website

ASLO sponsored a workshop at the 2017 Aquatic Sciences Meeting focused on using the bystander intervention approach to combating sexual misconduct in the aquatic sciences. The workshop, led by Jane Stapleton, sociologist and professional trainer for sexual harassment prevention and response, offered ASLO members a forum for discussing the issue of sexual misconduct in science and informed attendees about approaches and resources that can help address sexual misconduct issues in their own professional spheres. All ASLO members are invited to use Stapleton's presentation slides and a list of resources to share the information from this workshop with their peers, colleagues, and administrators. Additional information about the issue of sexual misconduct in the aquatic sciences and how to address it can be found here on the ASLO website.


Source: Prevention Innovations Research Center (2013). Facilitator's Guide for Bringing in the Bystander®: A Prevention Workshop for Establishing a Community of Responsibility (Revised Version, 2013). Durham, NH: University of New Hampshire, Prevention Innovations Research Center. Image adapted from D. Lisak’s Rape Culture slide.



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