ASLO-NSF "Journalist for a Day" Program coming to San Juan!

In recognition of the growing interest in and demand for training in science communication, ASLO and the National Science Foundation (NSF) partnered in 2016 to launch a program called “Journalist for a Day," where conference attendees learn about science writing by creating a "Meeting Highlight" article for the L&O Bulletin. ASLO Director of Communications and Science Adrienne Sponberg and NSF Senior Science Writer Cheryl Dybas mentor program participants before, during and following an ASLO conference on basics of science journalism (e.g., identifying newsworthy topics, interviewing researchers, social media promotion). Participants submit a manuscript to the L&O Bulletin, which undergoes further review and refinement ahead of publication. 

We are pleased to present the latest collection of articles from this program as well as to announce that applications for the 2019 Journalist for a Day program are being accepted through 23 December. Applicants will be notified in early January, with a pre-conference webinar taking place in early February. 


To apply, visit


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