Balancing Life and Work

Balancing Life and Work

By Eilea Knotts

I can now check off that I have been in Canada for one full week! Wow, time is already flying, and I still have so much to do. This coming week has me starting an experiment, sampling during the experiment using methods I have never used before, and giving a lab presentation on my dissertation work so far. There are just not enough hours in the day for me to finish everything. I try and leave work close to the time that most of the other students and technicians leave for the day, but I am still getting in before everyone and leaving once they have all left.

And here comes the weekend. I need to do work! I need to make more artificial seawater, make more media, count cells, and prepare for the experiment’s start on Monday. This is the time to do it all before the week starts and I start having to share lab space again…right? I’ll go in on Saturday and Sunday and I will stay as long as I need to…right?

No! Everyone (i.e. LOREX housemates and Dalhousie graduate students) told me to take time off, relax, and have fun. So…this is how the weekend went.


I took the day off. All the LOREX students here in Canada were invited to explored McNabs Island with a group of Dalhousie students. There was ferry riding, sightseeing, and hiking to keep us all busy. Oh, and did I mention that Wiley and two other students jumped into the 9℃ water for a swim? Crazy!

Taking the ferry to McNabs Island with some fellow Dalhousie and LOREX students. The group facing the camera from left to right: Rachel, Matt Woodstock, Jeff Nielson, Wiley Wolfe.
Sight-seeing the forts on McNabs Island
LOREX students with Dalhousie University’s LOREX chair; from left to right: Matt Woodstock, Emily Chua, Wiley Wolfe, Jeff Nielson, Eilea Knotts, Chris Algar.
Wiley Wolfe and Katie Frame swimming at McNabs Island in 9℃ water.
Jeff Nielson, Matt Woodstock, and Emily Chua chilling around while we waited for the ferry to return us to Halifax.


Even though it would have been nice to have another day off, I NEEDED to make more seawater and media this weekend. I only went into the lab for 5 hours before I was dragged out to see the public gardens and downtown with the LOREX students. The public gardens were beautiful, and it was fun going into a few shops downtown together. Afterward, we all had another delicious meal cooked by Wiley, Matt, and Emily. Don’t worry, Jeff and I did the cleanup.

I did have to go back to the lab for an hour afterward, but the break was worth it. I am thankful I have people here to help remind me to balance my life with my work.

Headed home together for dinner after an afternoon of walking through the public gardens and downtown; from left to right, Wiley Wolfe, Emily Chua, Matt Woodstock, and Jeff Nielson.


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