Balancing International Research

Balancing International Research

By Angelique Rosa-Marín

I learned through all my LOREX experiences that you can make anything happen if you commit to yourself. Demanding, inconvenient, and odd positions made me maximize and explode myself to the point that I discovered a new part of me. I am a planning and organized person; sometimes, a control freak, not going to lie. I plan everything; usually, if something goes wrong on my plan, my brain crashes as a tv without cable signal.

"Planning, balance, planning, and balance…" Those were the two words in my mind, and I applied them as my primary modus operandi in the past 2 months. Being in Australia at this stage of my career, and accomplishing the purpose of my visit was challenging. I mean, I was in Australia. When was I going to be back, explore, and see all that the continent has to offer? I don't know! I was trying to create this "perfect" balance between being a tourist and completing my responsibilities as a graduate and LOREX student.

During my time in Australia, I was able to collaborate in the research project of another LOREX student (Unexpected collaboration in Unexpected Places), completed my own LOREX research project at Heron Island, accomplished some responsibilities with my home institution and still had spare time to have fun and explore. How did I manage all that? I am still asking that to myself every day. It was a lot, but I feel satisfied! Gratified because now I can see how much I evolved as a character in such a short period of time. I realized how my planning skills helped me to complete all the goals that I proposed to myself in addition to how these abilities aids me to overcome many milestones thought my exchange journey.

More than to improve my organization and time management skills, to succeed during my international experience time, I relied on others. Without the support of so many individuals, I would‘ve not been able to finish the race. First, my LOREX mates! Having them there day by day encouraged me to keep pushing myself. Also, my family and friends back home. All the Southern Cross University professors, administrative body, post-graduate students, and researchers assisting made every day operates smoother. Developing a support group provided me the extra push to keep showing up.

My experience is Australia has taught me that you can make in impossible possible if you believe in yourself. Balance is achievable if you plan yourself well. Understand that you don't have control over everything, accordingly you need to have that an open mind to handle those unpredictable situations. This last part was difficult to accept, but I managed!

To triumph in future international research, I would like to share some suggestions:

Develop a support group

Count on people. Create a support group. Local students and professors can provide you vital information about your stay.

Don't worry too much about time

I don't believe in time anymore! Time is just a concept, a paradigm, a system that can be defied. If you see it as something that you can outface, a lot of pressure will be released from yourself.

Always believe in your potential! 

Sometimes we play the auto-sabotage card, and we start dictating our limits. Always keep in mind that everything is possible if you have a firm commitment to yourself.

Plan and balance

Plan and organize yourself as much as you can. Making plans will give you time and space perspective. It will also boost your productivity and will create space for decompressing and fun moments, important to maintain a healthy balance.

Conceptual map: Maintaining an appropriate balance doing international research

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