A Swedish summer (with some spring and fall)


A Swedish summer (with some spring and fall)

By: Sarah H Burnet Sunset visit to Nuolja with Lapporten in background It’s been two weeks after leaving Abisko, Sweden and after witnessing three season changes (Spring-Summer-Fall) and I take my leave before winter takes hold. If you followed along with my Instagram take-over for ASLO, you know that I don’t mind spending time in colder conditions (even in a walk-in refrigerator for sample collection), especially when sediment cores are […]

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International Collaborations Never End

By Eilea Ruth Knotts The summer has ended. School has started up again here at the University of South Carolina. And that means my international collaboration experience is over…right? I mean, I am no longer in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Dalhousie University. The experiments are over; the modeling is done. Didn’t I accomplish what the LOREX program wanted? Let us start with the mindset of most graduate students in the

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Impromptu experiment at Dalhousie

By Jeffrey Nielsen Here is a photo of an internal bore, or bolus, from a lab experiment that I performed with Dan Kelley and Clark Richards at Dalhousie University, as an unplanned part of my LOREX research. I went to Dalhousie to have Dan and Clark help me identify internal wave forms, among other things, in time series data (high-resolution current velocity and temperature profiles) that I had collected above a sloping lakebed. At the onset of our

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A Summer of Research in Sweden

By Stephanie Owens It has been a whirlwind of field work and lab work over the past month, but my LOREX research project has now come to an end. I was investigating copepod growth rates (a measure of secondary productivity) in Stordalen Mire in relation to dissolved organic carbon (DOC) to better understand how climate change (which will likely increase DOC into aquatic systems) will affect aquatic food web productivity.

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Lessons Learned and Other Thoughts

By Hannah Beck My first international collaboration has been an educational experience indeed! Here’s a list of some of the lessons I’d like to share with future LOREX students, other pre-career scientists, and anyone looking to travel to Sweden. Never be shy of asking for help! The worst they can say is “I’m busy”, and they just might say, “I have exactly what you need!” Spend as much time outside

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