ASM 2017 Interdisciplinary Presentations Workshop

ASM 2017 Interdisciplinary Presentations Workshop

Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Room 302A/B

Have you ever looked out at your audience in the middle of a talk to find a sea of glazed eyes? Aquatic science is inherently multi-disciplinary, and scientists are increasingly seeking new interdisciplinary collaborations. Yet without formal training in communication, how are scientists to know the most effective techniques for communicating with our colleagues in other disciplines? We can look to Hollywood, which has honed basic techniques of storytelling designed to keep human brains engaged. Science can—and should—benefit from these techniques!

Communications expert and frequent workshop leader Brian Palermo, together with Jonathan Sharp (University of Delaware) and ASLO Communications Director Adrienne Sponberg, will once again review and critique actual presentations at the ASM. Attendees will learn how storytelling techniques such as narrative structure and framing can be applied to scientific talks to maximize the potential that your audience stays engaged and walks away remembering what you said. All attendees—from seasoned science communicators to those just getting started—will gain insight and practical tools for crafting more impactful interdisciplinary presentations. Financial support for this workshop provided by the Ocean Sciences Division of the National Science Foundation. If you are giving a presentation on Monday and wish to be evaluated during this workshop, please email Jonathan Sharp at

Hear from past participants of these sessions:

  • “This is so needed in the scientific community! I hope this is the future of our presentations.”
  • “Very helpful at any stage of a professional scientific career.”
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