ASLO Selects a Publishing Partner

ASLO Selects a Publishing Partner

On behalf of the ASLO Board of Directors and the Publications Committee, we are extremely pleased to announce that ASLO has selected Wiley as our publishing partner.

As we reported to you on August 5, the ASLO Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the Publications Committee, unanimously authorized the Publications Committee and Executive Director to undertake negotiations with the top-ranked publisher from the RFP process. We have completed negotiations and have finalized a contract with Wiley. Under the partnership, ASLO maintains complete ownership and editorial control of all our publications. This partnership represents a significant step for ASLO in sustaining the continued excellence and viability of our publication portfolio and positions us to expand the global impact of the scientific discoveries reported in our journals. The partnership also brings significant benefits to our members in coming years. For more details, please read the narrative below.

Beginning in January 2015, Wiley will publish Limnology & OceanographyLimnology & Oceanography: Methods, and Limnology & Oceanography: Bulletin, as well as, ASLO’s digital lecture series Limnology & Oceanography e-Lectures. Wiley will also host Volumes 1 through 4 of Limnology & Oceanography: Fluids and Environments which will be freely available on Wiley Online Library. Throughout our partnership, ASLO and Wiley also plan to collaborate on the launch and development of a number of exciting new products and services.

Wiley is the world’s largest society publisher publishing over 1,500 journals, well over half of which are published in partnership with prestigious scholarly and professional societies and other non-profit organizations, such as AGU, PSA, and various other societies connected to water and environment. They have a long and distinguished record of society partnerships with a special emphasis on, and an understanding of, the unique needs and requirements of the life-blood of all professional associations the members.

This is a significant event in the history of ASLO and one that offers outstanding direct, tangible benefits to our Editors, Associate Editors, authors, reviewers, and members. Through the partnership, we have engaged Wiley to provide an end-to-end publishing solution, from the mechanics of peer review (including the Managing Editor function) through printing, distribution, hosting, marketing, and sales, while preserving ASLO’s role in establishing the editorial policies and scientific emphases of the journals and other products. The partnership will enable the growth of our journal portfolio worldwide and expand services for the ASLO community.

Wiley will be managing all institutional and library subscriptions going forward and ensuring uninterrupted access to our publications. Wiley has benchmarked institutional prices based on their sales model and these will increase only modestly in 2015 consistent with ASLO’s pricing policies. Wiley’s large global sales network and high-traffic, online platform will help to greatly expand the reach of ASLO’s journals within both established and new markets. ASLO’s portfolio will also be available to developing nations around the world through Research4Life, a philanthropic initiative that brings essential scientific content to libraries and institutions in nations where subscription funds are not available.

ASLO will continue to offer an open access option in L&O and L&O: Methods through Wiley’s OnlineOpen program. Authors selecting OnlineOpen will now be able to publish under the Creative Commons Attribution license that will ensure compliance with all government mandates by providing for unrestricted reuse with proper attribution. The standard Article Processing Charge, inclusive of all page charges, for OnlineOpen will be $2,500 with a discounted rate of $1,950 for ASLO members. Because page charges are included in this fee, this represents only a modest increase from previous ASLO charges for open access publication (average $1600).

The ASLO community will further benefit from Wiley’s enhanced online experience which focuses on mobility, flexibility, discoverability, and usability and provides exciting new digital and technological capabilities including:

  1. Customized, ASLO-branded journal homepages on Wiley Online Library, designed to increase the discoverability of content by search engines like Google and Google Scholar
  2. Delivery of articles in the new “Anywhere Article” format, as full-text HTML and enhanced PDFs, to provide a better reading experience
  3. Altmetrics to provide authors, editors and readers will real-time usage information beyond traditional usage and citation metrics
  4. Mobile capabilities in its Journal App Service for both ASLO members and readers
  5. Improved Peer-Review Systems with both ScholarOne (now available for all ASLO journals) and Wiley Author Services (to streamline processes around payment, licensing and funder-requirements)

Full details and instructions will be provided online and via e-mail to our L&O authors, associate editors, and reviewers regarding the migration to the ScholarOne submission system. ASLO members will continue to access ASLO content (e.g., the Bulletin) via the ASLO website. You will continue to renew your membership, including subscription options, through the ASLO Business Office. There will be no changes to individual membership rates for 2015.

Beginning in January 2015, ASLO members will also receive a 35% discount on all Wiley books, access to a free online book each quarter via ASLO’s website, as well as free online access in 2015 to two of Wiley’s online review/synthesis journals, WIRES Climate Change and WIRES Water, with discounted subscriptions offered in 2016 onward.

A key outcome of this partnership is that it enables ASLO to enhance its endowment. This endowment is our commitment to expanding the benefits of this partnership with Wiley beyond the quality and reach of our publications, for the benefit of our membership in areas such as support for student programs and attendance at meetings. The Board is now discussing the scope of emphasis for dispensation of future earnings from the endowment. To build on this momentum, as part of our membership renewal process, we are launching a “Let’s Make It a Million” campaign to raise the total ASLO endowment to one million dollars. Further details will be provided in additional announcements and with renewal notices.

We hope that many of our members will support this initiative and contribute to this important effort. We deeply appreciate the support of our members, editors, authors, and reviewers as we enter a new era of ASLO publishing in collaboration with Wiley. We are excited to partner with Wiley and to showcase these changes to you beginning in January 2015, as we continue to undergo our transition to “ASLO 2.0”, modernizing and expanding our operations to meet the challenges and opportunities that face the aquatic sciences in the 21st Century.

Jim Elser, President

John Downing, Past-President

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