Candidate for Member at Large: Kristen Buck

Kristen Buck

B.Sc. 2001 (Chemistry, Pacific Lutheran University, USA); B.A. 2001 (French, Pacific Lutheran University, USA); Ph.D. 2006 (Ocean Sciences, University of California Santa Cruz, USA)


Biographical Information

Kristen BuckProfessional History
Following my doctoral studies at UC Santa Cruz, I continued my research as a postdoctoral fellow at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. I then joined the faculty at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, where I was an Assistant Research Scientist from 2009 to 2013. I joined the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida as an Assistant Professor in 2013 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2018.

Research Interests
Research in my lab focuses on the biogeochemistry of trace metals in seawater, with a particular emphasis on the role of metal-binding organic ligands on the cycling of bioactive metals like iron and copper. My lab accomplishes this work using a combination of shipboard field studies and laboratory-based experiments.

Community Service
From 2012-2016 I chaired a SCOR working group on metal-binding organic ligands in seawater and from 2014-2016 served on the Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Scientific Steering Committee and was the Chemical Oceanography Councilor for The Oceanography Society (TOS). I have been an Associate Editor of Limnology and Oceanography: Letter since 2016. Most recently, I was the TOS Vice Chair of the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting and TOS Chair of the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting. I also serve as a mentor of the USF College of Marine Science Oceanography Camp for Girls each summer.

Candidate Statement

I joined ASLO as a graduate student, when my research transitioned from chemistry to oceanography. Professional societies like ASLO play an important role in our scientific community, facilitating dissemination of our research findings to each other and to the broader public through publications in society journals and through presentations at society-sponsored meetings. I have published in ASLO journals and I have regularly attended the Ocean Sciences and ASLO Aquatic Sciences meetings through my career. Correspondingly, I have benefitted from the many opportunities my ASLO membership has provided. I currently serve as an Associate Editor of an ASLO journal, Limnology and Oceanography: Letters, and serving as a Member At Large would be my first formal ASLO service. My interest in serving on the ASLO Board is at the most basic level vested in giving back to this society that has benefitted my career. I am eager to more deeply engage in the leadership and progress of ASLO. In particular, I am excited about the role ASLO has played in supporting students and early career researchers, and I am interested in pursuing avenues for ASLO to further support members in such a way as to increase retention of underrepresented groups in limnology and oceanography careers.

I would be honored to serve as an ASLO Member At Large.

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