Newly Named “Dr.”? – Contribute to the Dissertation Registry (DR) 

Newly Named “Dr.”? – Contribute to the Dissertation Registry (DR) 

ASLO is pleased to announce the Aquatic Sciences Dissertation Registry (DR.). This re-envisioned initiative’s purpose is to acknowledge, congratulate, and spotlight new Ph.D. recipients in the ASLO membership.  

A prior program, Dissertations Initiative for the Advancement of Limnology and OceanoGraphy (DIALOG), created and published a registry of Ph.D. dissertation abstracts. DIALOG has since morphed to Eco-DAS, which continues to bridge interdisciplinary gaps in aquatic ecology through its symposium where interactions among the top new researchers are fostered and available research opportunities are made evident. Both programs increased the likelihood of professional success for these new researchers. However, the open registry of recently completed Ph.D.’s was no longer available. 

This is where the new Dissertation Registry (DR.) comes in. The registry acknowledges recent aquatic science Ph.D.’s by displaying a recent graduates’ dissertation and/or video abstracts from their research and promotes their success on ASLO’s social media platforms. 

The registry to submit dissertation’s abstract can be found hereTo complete the form, contributors must be an ASLO member and signed into their accountContributors can always come back and edit their submission if they wish to add the link to their full dissertation. If a contributor wishes to include a video abstract of their work, more information on recording guidelines and tips can be found here. Presenting a video abstract for their dissertation gives recent graduates’ the opportunity to work on their scientific communication and professional development skills. Final dissertation video abstracts should be submitted to [email protected] 

The electronic distribution of the Ph.D. dissertations through Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms provides a means to disseminate recent graduates’ research information across institutional and international boundaries. This registry also fosters communication and early career development for these graduates in the aquatic sciences. Additionally, this may stimulate future collaborations as other researchers can search for topics recent graduates have studied.  

The Aquatic Sciences Dissertation Registry wants to spotlight you! Submit today!  

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