ASLO Awards 2015

ASLO Awards 2015

The G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award honoring a scientist who has made considerable contributions to knowledge in limnology and oceanography, and whose future work promises a continuing legacy of scientific excellence is being presented to Craig Carlson, Professor and Chair of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Carlson’s pioneering work accurately mapped DOC variation and linked it to the dynamics of microbial communities, establishing scientific concepts that are now considered vital to understanding the ocean carbon cycle and assessing its impact on future planetary health.  

The Raymond L. Lindeman Award honoring a young author for an outstanding peer-reviewed, English-language paper in the aquatic sciences is being presented to Hilary G. Close, Assistant Researcher, Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawai’i at Manoa. The award recognizes Dr. Close’s work conducted in the North Pacific subtropical gyre and presented in the paper entitled, “Export of submicron particulate organic matter to mesopelagic depth in an oligotrophic gyre”, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2013.    

The Ramón Margalef Award for Excellence in Education honoring excellence in teaching and mentoring in the fields of limnology and oceanography is being presented to Marianne V. Moore, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts. Dr. Moore is recognized for her work as an outstanding teacher who has been a tremendous inspiration to her students in the classroom, the laboratory and the field; her scholarship has been notable for its excellence, broad recognition and impact around the world.  

The John H. Martin Award honoring the author of a paper which has had a long-lasting impact on research in the aquatic sciences is being presented to Stephen R. Carpenter, Director of the Center for Limnology and Stephen Alfred Forbes Professor of Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Carpenter is being recognized for his 1985 paper “Cascading trophic interactions and lake productivity” published in BioScience, which effectively transformed the view of food web regulation and made a compelling case for “top-down” regulation of primary productivity.  

The Ruth Patrick Award honoring a scientist who has applied the aquatic sciences towards solving critical environmental problems is being presented to James Cloern, Senior Research Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California. Dr. Cloern is recognized for transforming our understanding of coastal ecosystem dynamics and strengthening environmental management in San Francisco Bay and beyond.      

The Yentsch-Schindler Early Career Award honoring an early career scientist for outstanding and balanced contributions to research, science training, and broader societal issues such as resource management, conservation, policy, and public education is being presented to Matt Church, Associate Professor, Department of Oceanography, University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Dr. Church is recognized for his broad-based research in microbial oceanography from genomes to biomes, effective training and mentorship of diverse international scholars, and unselfish community service

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