Applications for Eco-DAS 2021 are open!

Applications for Eco-DAS 2021 are open!

Application Deadline: 15 August, 2021.
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The Ecological Dissertations in the Aquatic Sciences symposium series is designed to:

  1. Foster sustained, cross-disciplinary interactions among the top new researchers in ecological oceanography and limnology, to the benefit of both the science and the researchers.
  2. Increase the success rate of new researchers seeking funding to build their research programs, by familiarizing them with the diversity of available research opportunities and introducing them to representatives of funding agencies with whom they will interact in future.
  3. Increase the likelihood of professional success for these new researchers by:
    • Highlighting their initial work through high-visibility, open-access publication of manuscripts originating in the symposium;
    • Focusing those manuscripts on interdisciplinary and collaborative work;
    • Encouraging out-of-the-box conceptualization of collaborative and interdisciplinary projects; and
    • Fostering mentoring relationships between participants and established scientists.

COVID-19 travel and conference restrictions prevented holding Eco-DAS XIV as originally scheduled in October 2020. Conference venues are still closed, but we are very pleased to announce that Eco-DAS XIV will be held in 2021 as a virtual symposium!

The 2021 symposium will be held 25-29 October 2021.  Applicants should have received their PhD between 1 June 2019, and 1 June 2021.  

The dissertation work of the applicant must deal with an ecological problem in oceanography or limnology. Applications will include: a current resume, a letter of support from the applicant's current (graduate or postdoctoral) advisor, an additional letter of support from another individual familiar with the applicant's background (optional), a personal statement regarding the applicant’s goals and reasons for applying (2 pages maximum), and a substantive outline of a proposed collaborative manuscript or other project (3 pages maximum).

Letters of support may be provided with the application or emailed separately to (deadline 31 August).

For more information regarding the symposium, please refer to the Eco-DAS section of the ASLO website or contact

Past symposia have generated formal proceedings published in Limnology and Oceanography e-Books; individual articles appearing in Limnology and Oceanography: Letters, Limnology and Oceanography: Fluids and Environments, Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin, F1000 Research, Oecologia, Environmental Evidence, and other journals; and the Wikiproject Limnology and Oceanography.

Support for Eco-DAS is provided by NSF (OCE-1925796) and the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography.



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