L&O Special Issue on Life in turbulent waters: exploring unsteady biota-flow interactions across scales

L&O Special Issue on Life in turbulent waters: exploring unsteady biota-flow interactions across scales

Announcing the October 2023 L&O Special Issue

Turbulent water motions can influence many aquatic organisms, by regulating biotic processes such as locomotion, grazing, heat transfer, nutrient uptake, and biogeochemical reactions. Conversely, the presence of organisms, such as mussel beds or macrophytes, can generate or enhance small-scale turbulence which then feeds back into larger-scale ecosystem responses.

Despite rapid progress in this field over the past decades, there remain many fundamental and unresolved questions of how organisms across scales either experience and respond to, and/or generate, the varying length and time scales of turbulence. One particular challenge lies in characterizing and resolving the unsteadiness of interactions, i.e., understanding how microscale patchiness affects individual behavioral or physical system responses. This challenge then further raises questions of how these multi-scale interactions feed back into larger-scale habitats and ecosystems.

This special issue welcomes manuscripts that explore these, and other, emerging questions and interdisciplinary advances surrounding the two-way interactions between benthic and/or pelagic organisms and turbulence from the microscopic to larger scales (such as whole estuary or lake scale).

The contributions should fit L&O’s scope and will be assessed with the same level of rigor by guest editors and invited external referees as regular journal issues. Accepted papers will be published online in Early View with a permanent DOI upon acceptance, with the completed issue expected in October 2023. Invited review and/or synthesis papers will be commissioned by the guest editors. Manuscript proposals or preliminary inquiries on the suitability of your work are welcome. For more information, please contact one of the Deputy Editors, Julia Mullarney, julia.mullarney@waikato.ac.nz and Steeve Comeau, steeve.comeau@imev-mer.fr.

Manuscripts due 31 October, 2022

Special Issue Editors:
Josef Ackerman, University of Guelph,
Danielle Wain, 7 Lakes Alliance
Rafael Tinoco, University of Illinois
Hidekatsu Yamazaki, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
Mimi Koehl, University of California - Berkeley

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