Announcing the 2022 ASLO Fellows and Sustaining Fellows

Announcing the 2022 ASLO Fellows and Sustaining Fellows

Congratulations to all 2022 Fellows and Sustaining Fellows!

ASLO proudly recognizes the outstanding contributions of our members through the Fellows program. We have been fortunate that our membership consistently contributes to our society through service to ASLO journals, conferences, and committees to advance the sciences of limnology and oceanography. As a scientific society, we rely on the academic excellence of our members and their willingness to invest their time and energy to put ASLO's mission into action.

Since 2015, the ASLO Fellows program has honored over 100 members for their service to our society and the aquatic science community. For 2022, ASLO recognizes a distinguished group of Fellows and Sustaining Fellows whose contributions exemplify ASLO's commitment to fostering an international scientific community that creates, integrates, and communicates knowledge across the full spectrum of aquatic sciences. We are pleased to recognize the following individuals as 2022 Fellows:

2022 Sustaining Fellows

ASLO Sustaining Fellows are recognized as having sustained excellence in their contributions to ASLO and the aquatic sciences.

Mark Altabet

Mark Altabet

Shelley Arnott

Shelley Arnott

Jennifer Cherrier

Jennifer Cherrier

Deidre Gibson

Deidre Gibson

Jean-Francois Lapierre

Jean-Francois Lapierre

John Marra 100px

John Marra

Amina Pollard 100px

Amina Pollard

John Reinfelder 100px

John Reinfelder

Carol Robinson 100px

Carol Robinson

Thad Scott

Thad Scott

Brock Woodson 100px

C. Brock Woodson

2022 Fellows

ASLO Fellows are recognized as having achieved excellence in their contributions to ASLO and the aquatic sciences.

Dr. Mina Bizic, Postdoktorandin, Abt.3, Neuglobsow

Mina Bizic

Rana El-Sabaawi 120px

Rana El-Sabaawi


Kerri Finlay

Erin Hotchkiss 100px

Erin Hotchkiss

John Kominoski 100px

John Kominoski

Elena Litchman 100px

Elena Litchman

Karin Rengefors 10px

Karin Rengefors

Nick Ward 100px

Nicholas Ward


We will be honoring the contributions of all 2022 Fellows during the 2023 Aquatic Sciences Meeting in Palma de Mallorca, Spain (4-9 June 2023). All members are welcome to join this celebration to honor all of our Fellows! Keep an eye on your email for further details.

We thank each and every ASLO Fellow for enhancing ASLO's visibility, advancing public awareness about aquatic research, and promoting scientific stewardship of aquatic resources for the public interest. Your service and enthusiasm is crucial to ASLO's continued success!


Pat Glibert
ASLO President (2022-2024)

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